Bill Barbosa Photography

Contact Bill at 561-242-Bill (2455) also email at

11911 US highway 1, Ste 209 North Palm Beach, FL 33408


We are a husband and wife team,

         Bill is a Portrait Commercial Photographer located in North Palm Beach, Florida. His passion is to help you see your inner and outer beauty. He is detailed in Capturing your Unique Story & Style. He will bring out confidence and empower you to look and feel better about yourself before you leave his state-of-the-art studio. 

    The Collaboration process with Bill provides a unique story in the most gorgeous portraits you have ever seen of yourself! Audi the in-house Makeup Artist and stylist, and Licensed Esthetician.

      Audi's success comes from her dedication to making sure all makeup applied is to the texture and specific skin type. She likes her makeup to be applied naturally and flawlessly.  Her goal is for you to feel confident in your own skin.  Over the last years, we’ve empowered hundreds of everyday women to discover their true beauty thru this mind-altering photoshoot experience. Together we provide a safe space among women where you can express yourself without judgment.

We will be your cheerleaders, celebrating who you are now, and honoring the journey that got you here. I know it can be frustrating when pictures of you are taken, they usually never show the wonderful and unique person you are.  But as an International and Master Photographer it is Bill’s goal to provide you with a transformative experience that allows you to feel alive and energized.  Our goal at the end of the project is that you are so in love with the woman you have become and so confident in who you are, that you'll feel like a piece of art. 


Bill Barbosa, M.Photog, Cr.Photog.,CPP,FDPE,FED,FSA
561-704-4200 Direct
561-242-2455 Office
Master Photographer (M.Photog)
Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)
Photographic Craftsman (Cr.Photog.)
Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence (FDPE)
Member of the American Society of Photographers ASP 
CPP 2014-2023 Liaison


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