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Kacy said... 

 My honey and recently tied the knot in Feb '17, and we're fortunate to have had the experience capture by Bill Barbosa Photography. Now, to say my husband and I aren't picture people, is putting it nicely (unless holding a big fish that is!)

But with Bill and Audi it was not only a breeze, but so much Fun! Aside from the rave reviews online, I knew it was worth looking into.

After the first meeting we immediately held the day, and booked our engagement shoot. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, and they were so accommodating from changing my mind on locations if the shoot just prior (and then switching it back lol), and they didn't bat an eye! Plus, we have incredible and gorgeous photos and slide videos compiled by the Barbosa team, that we're looking forward to cherishing for the rest of our years.

Thanks again Bill Barbosa Photography, five stars!!


Katie said... 

Bill, Audi, and his assistants did a FANTASTIC job on both our engagement and wedding photographs.

Not only does Bill truly have a talent and passion for capturing the beauty of the moment, but he was always professional and accommodating, very reasonably-priced, and quick to respond to my texts and emails.

Bill had an infectious energy and excitement that made him so fun to work with, even for people like my husband and me who don't typically enjoy having our pictures taken!

On our wedding day, Bill was like a fly on the wall - we didn't even know he was taking most of the pictures he took! But when we got our pictures back - LESS THAN TWO WEEKS LATER - my husband and I felt like we could relive the entire night through the pictures. We loved working with Bill Barbosa Photography and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic wedding photographer!


jade said... 

Bill, Audi, and their team did an amazing job capturing our wedding and engagement images. They are kind, professional, and an overall pleasure to work with. We received many compliments about our photographers during the wedding and our photos are breathtaking!

We feel very lucky and grateful that we worked with them on this special day and look forward to working with them in the future on other milestones in our lives. Thank you Bill Barbosa Photography for all your hard work and dedication!


Shannon said... 

Just received my wedding photos from Bill Barbosa Photography and am awed, they are stunning! Stop searching and use Bill Barbosa Photography for your wedding.

I promise it will be the best decision you make.

It was obvious from our first meeting with Bill that he was extremely knowledgeable and creative. He took what we wanted and expanded our ideas to create images that were greater than I could ever imagine. He is a true professional in the industry.

There was absolutely no stress because I trusted him completely.

He gave me every picture I asked for while still allowing me to enjoy my wedding. He also created a very unique signature book for us with our engagement pictures that became a discussion piece among my guests because of how beautiful and impressed they were with it. They also commented on how amazing Bill was and how he was everywhere without ever disrupting or getting in the way. This was evident after viewing my images and seeing that he literally captured every moment and I never realized he was there! All of the love, joy, and fun felt that day is clearly shown in every picture he took.

Bill is the best and his work is exceptional. Thank you Bill Barbosa Photography for perfectly capturing every moment and memory of our wedding that we will be able to relive and share with our loved ones throughout the years!


Debra said... 

Very professional operation. Our experience with Bill Barbosa Photography was amazing.
They were prompt and took control from the moment they arrived. I am the mother of the groom and as soon as the staff arrived on location, they took control of the groomsman and set up the pictures that resulted in the most amazing wedding album I have ever seen.
While looking through the proofs, it was like reliving the wedding day from start to finish.
The pictures of the bride were very elegant and you felt the emotion come through the photos. They captured everyone who attended the event and everything that happened the entire evening.
From first look photos to the exit of the bride and groom. The two photographers that were working that night and captured every moment of the wedding were transparent and guests were not interrupted nor did they even know the photographers were present.
They fit right in as if they were guests themselves. Because I met them before the wedding, I knew who they were-otherwise wouldn't have even known they were there. One thing I did notice was how well these two worked together. And you could see that they really enjoy the work they do. Honestly. They set up each photo as if it were their day. They put thought into each pose and when capturing the most intimate moments of the day, ensured the bride and groom were given privacy and respect by others in the area.
I HIGHLY recommend Bill Barbosa Photography for your next event. You will NOT be disappointed.